a dark ditch dug out for Berlin

19 MAR 11 reliq + xorzyzt @ SYMBOLCLUB#2, Raum 20, Berlin


21:00 – 06:00 // Raum 20, Ziegrastr. 11, Berlin // S41/42 Sonnenallee

SYMBOLCLUB, a recurring nomadic night initiated by ANIAETLEPROGRAMMEUR and reliq, is a transcendental ceremony of Berlin artists summoning the spirits of musical inspiration into an ecstatic sonic synergy. The two bands seek to create a unifying ritual for the tumultuous music scene which incorporates the audience and performers in exceptional situations.

ANIAETLEPROGRAMMEUR (LIVE) / www.aniaetleprogrammeur.com

RELIQ (LIVE) / www.reliq.de

EFFTER (LIVE) / http://www.effter.com

E.DUSTRIAL / http://soundcloud.com/edustrial


DJ POLINA Y NYC (DJ) / http://www.facebook.com/pages/DJ-Polina-Y/112900078725115

XORZYZT (DJ) / http://xorzyzt.wordpress.com/


ALISON CHILDS (VJ) / http://www.alisonchilds.com/

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