a dark ditch dug out for Berlin

30NOV11: Black Magick Ensemble w/ Sissters @ Knochenbox, Berlin

30.11.11 // Knochenbox, Berlin // 23:00 // FB event

SISSTERS (Berlin). Broken down noise post punk. More scissors than Big Black, more whatthefuckareyoulookingat than Gang of Four.

BLACK MAGICK ENSEMBLE (Berlin). Occult noise. Feat. members of doomscape band RELIQ.

Lets be straight about this. You don’t like me. And I don’t like you either.
But that doesn’t mean that we can’t still be friends.


Presented by Blitzgigs.de http://www.blitzgigs.de/2011/11/30/sissters-black-magick-ensemble-at-knochenbox/


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