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16MAR12: B∞M recommends SMALL BUT HARD @ Trickster

Celebrate the birth of “SMALL BUT HARD” label & our first release with:

C_C (Bedroom Research, MMC) >> http://soundcloud.com/C_C
DeadFader (3by3) >> http://soundcloud.com/deadfader
Ascetic (3by3) >> http://soundcloud.com/asceticunderground
Kakawaka (Small But Hard) >> http://www.chproductions.de/kakawaka/index.htm
Dj Scotch Bonnet (Small But Hard) >> http://www.small-but-hard.com/
xorzyzt (PURGE / BL4CK M4G1CK) >> http://xorzyzt.com/

Dj support from
Freak Ass E, Dj Die Soon

23:00 // Trickster // Oberbaumstr. 11 , Berlin // U1 Schlesisches Tor

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