a dark ditch dug out for Berlin

17MAR12: PURGE presents #gHashtag – URL/IRL gathering of evil, bass, and fucked pop @ Sameheads

From the minds behind PURGE, Berlin’s most aggressive party, comes #gHashtag. Post-goth wet dream. Southern screw and NON too.

Looking for hot topics and sable sounds? #gHashtag is Berlin’s cross-genre/cross-dressing URL/IRL connection. The only party in town where you can hear Concrete Blonde and Brenmar, SPK and TLC all in the same night. Come get tilted on SALEM and White Ring, then get thrown by Nguzungzuzu. Get tagged in the F.O.G. with us. It’ll be black magick.


Tom Ass


Ghettoscraper (a.k.a. Antoni Maovvi)

Ghetona (Leatherstep Industries)

Urban Mutations (PLAYberlin)

23h // 6€ // Sameheads // Richardstr. 10, Berlin // U7 Karl-Marx Str.

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Ghettoscraper exclusive Juke Atredies mix for #gHashtag


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