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14APR12: PURGE IV feat. Modern Witch, Sewn Leather, Dracula Lewis @ RAUM

The fourth installment of Berlin’s most aggressive party PURGE once more brings a killer live lineup and DJs spreading audio terror. Bleak-and-white tumblrgoth puking into an industrial meatgrinder. Sweat and bruises. Vodka and cum.

Dead performances by

MODERN WITCH: OG witchhouse (approved by Travis Egedy)

SEWN LEATHER: Synthpunk crustdance. This will destroy you.

DRACULA LEWIS: Rotten-to-the-bone beast jams.

and featuring sets from

POLINA Y: Drop Dead Queen. Waxtrax mutant tribal dance!

XORZYZT: BL4CK M4G1CKIAN. Clubbed jukewitch!

TOM ASS: Gegenman. Speed noise combat-beats!

BLACKBLACKGOLD: Gucci Goth god. Deathstep breakpunk performance art!


UMBERTO *LIVE* – Not Not Fun / U.S.
VEXKIDDY *LIVE* – Human Shield / U.K.
JEMEK JEMOWIT – Jemcock Productions / Berlin
EMIL DOESN’T DRIVE – The Zone / Sameheads
DANE//CLOSE – Sameheads


Q-DO – Planet Mu / Berlin
DJ N>E>D – Leisure System / Berlin
DJ MARIUS REISSER – Dense Allstars / Berlin
AREA BOY – Leisure System / Berlin
PUZZLE – Leisure System / Berlin

23h // 10€ // RAUM // Ziegrastr. 15 // S-Sonnenallee

Reduced pre-sale tickets available at Sameheads (Richardstr. 10) or send your full name to guestlist@sameheads by 18h on 14.04.12.

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