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20MAY12: B∞M recommends GENTLE JOUSTING screening @ O’Tannenbaum

GENTLE JOUSTING, the sequel to the sister project  LICKER LICENSE, is a touring 1 hour video program  with all-male aritsts exploring the pleasures and devices of masculinity, machismo and sex/iness curated by Hazel Hill McCarthy III (Show Cave, Los Angeles). Featuring work by:

Genesis Breyer P-Orridge
Animal Charm
Brian Butler
Doug Loussenhop
Jacinto Astiazarán
Manuel Solano
Lewis Teague Wright
Matt Lambert
Abdi Taslimi
Rodrigo Sastre
Markus Stein
Actually Huizenga & Socrates Mitsios
Rim of the World
Txema Novelo

20.05.12 // O’ TANNENBAUM // Sonnenallee 27 // U8/7 Hermannplatz

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