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09JUN12: PURGE V feat. Christoph de Babalon + Devilman @ Raum

Epic and uncompromising. Subculture at its finest. Razor sharp electronics rubbing shoulders with free spirited retrobates. A chance to massage reality into your preferred form. The final part of Neukóllns un-Holy Trinity.
_________ PURGE FLOOR
PURGE. It’s a party that isn’t a party: we don’t care if you feel good. We just want you to FEELWe are not one thing, but many. Three of our key phrases are:DARK. HEAVY. BASS.
We give you performance:
CHRISTOPH DE BABALON – Tigerbeat6/Digital Hardcore
///fearful break-beats. mysticism. dreadcore.
DEVILMAN – SmallButHard/3by3 (DJ Scotch Egg/Bo Ningen)
///noisestep. jagged dementia.
We give you dance:
NEUROSIS ORCHESTRA – Sozialistischer Plattenbau ///blackdrone machinedance.
BLACKBLACKGOLD -Gucci Goth ///deathstep ragepunk.
TOM ASS – Gegen ///speed-infected combat-beats.
XORZYZT – BL4CK M4G1CK /// clubbed jukewitch.

We give you fog. Noise. Sweat. Unhealthy sex in dirty bathrooms. MDMAssacre.
You will be purged.

________ SAMEHEADS FLOOR!!!!!!
DMX KREW – Rephlex Records / Power Vacuum
BINTUS – Power Vacuum / Rixdorf
EMIL DOESN´T DRIVE – The Zone / Sameheads
DANE//CLOSE – Sameheads / Hypercolour

_________ OCVLTO FLOOR / OCVLTO 1ST CEREMONY ▲Psyched Out ▲Disco ▽Waves▲

☥ (LIVE)
CVLT (Lux, Lissabon)
THE ELECTRIC HORSEMEN (Ocvlto, Berlin/ Paris)
CAPABLANCA (Cómeme, Berlin)
LUKE & RICARDO (Melbourne)

*** For reduced price entry, please email your full name to guestlist@sameheads.com by 18h on Saturday June 9th (anyone later than this will not receive the discount) ***Utopian Dystopia in your backyard.
09.06.12// 23:00 // RAUM // Ziegrastr. 15 // S-Sonnenallee (RING)
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