a dark ditch dug out for Berlin


BL4CK M4G1CK has been organizing Berlin events since 2010 starting with the Black Magick festival, and subsequently presenting PURGE, #gHashtag, C3R3MØNY, BLACK MAGICK ∞ DROP DEAD FEST, and SYNTHETIÇ, collaborating with bloggers, DJs, bands and video artists including Gucci Goth, Tom Ass, dieLamb, dev01ded, and Show Cave, at venues including Sameheads, Chez Jacki, Raum, and HBC. BL4CK M4G1CK is focused on supporting/expanding a community of musicians and artists working on the darker side of the spectrum in areas such as ritual music, weirdo noise, witch haus, black metal, doomscape, drone pop, and anything and everything rising from the vast abyss.

contact: info@bl4ckm4g1ck.com

xorzyzt  ∞  PURGE  ∞  Gucci Goth  ∞  dieLamb  ∞  Viviana Druga  ∞  reliq  ∞  Black Magick Ensemble  ∞  dev01ded

∞  Sameheads  ∞  Chez Jacki  ∞  Show Cave  ∞ Drop Dead Festival