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02FEB13: CTM.13 x PURGE vs #gHashtag @ Stattbad Wedding

purge_viii-ctm_web1CTM.13 The Midas Touch

Tom Ass (SE)
xorzyzt (US)
Sun Worship (DE)
Necro Deathmort (UK)
Alec Empire (DE)

BlackBlackGold (US)
Tom Ass (SE)
Half Girl / Half Sick (DE)
Gatekeeper (US)
︻╦╤─ ƱZ ─╤╦︻ (INT)
Mykki Blanco (US)


Berlin may be the unofficial home of techno, but some crave a different kind of party. When philosopher-musicians BlackBlackGold (Gucci Goth), xorzyzt (Bl4ck M4g1ck), and Tom Ass (Gegen) first came together as a unit in September of 2011, the ritual of DJing together was the synthesis of a shared longing: fog, heavy vibes, aural evil. Collaboration was inevitable, and from that day these three kings have birthed two distinct parties with similar goals: violent dancing and the end of party apathy. When you enter our space, you are part of the cabal.

PURGE was the first spawn of their united ideology. Emerging in the winter of 2011, the logo told audiences everything they needed to know: the antithesis of acid’s positivism and the rawness of black metal. The first edition presented the ice-cold sounds of HTRK and the Cocteau Twins-inspired Bruises, followed by a dancefloor of the bleakest, crunchiest bass, drones, and filth available. This live/DJ combo was an important factor in the formula: to give a feeling of belonging to the crowd, of community through a physical presence—the organic electronic.

Since that evening, the bi-monthly PURGE has mutated through different incarnations and a flurry of guest DJs to suit the shifting desires of the UnReaL trio: the second party featured the industrial techno of Ancient Methods and devolved into a combination of DJing and nude performance art. The third was a crushingly heavy, fogged-out warehouse okkvlt with Modern Witch, Sewn Leather, and Dracula Lewis, and the fourth an open-air drone metal rave with Nadja and Jaws. Doom-stretched guitar chords and codeine-wave wove through a field of slowly swaying freaks under black skies and summer stars. In a pentagram of flowers and a circle of jack-o-lanterns they made Halloween magick with the jagged digital hardcore-influenced filthstep of Deathface, celebrating their beloved holiday the best way they knew how: loudly.

There’s something to be said for the shifting and personal nature of Tumblr. Never before has it been easier to share your desired aesthetic with a wide range of people—and to change the aesthetic of the whole thing at a whim. This ephemeral philosophy of Impermanence has also shaped the dance desires of a new generation: a party shouldn’t consist of single and similar genres, but a sea of varied sounds that create a similar vibe—and where else could Britney Spears a capellas fit so perfectly over Throbbing Gristle instrumentals?

A post-goth’s wet dream, #gHashtag (pronounced GASH-tag) is PURGE’s “softer” sibling, a cross-genre/cross-dressing URL/IRL connection. The only party in town where you can hear a combination of R&B club, 90s grungepunk, trap, and gangsta shit combined with industrial-dance evil; Southern screw and NON too. The perfect solution for genre-nonspecific weirdos who want to hear everything that inspires them in one singular evening. Live remixes and reconceptualizations are the keywords, Top 40 through a glass darkly. “Don’t take your music genres and your subcultures so seriously” is what they mean to say, but also “Find new ways to love old sounds.”

2013 will find them expanding their nightlife ideology even further, and with a plethora of beautifully dark ever-emerging sounds, their aural palette (and that of their audience) can only expand as well.

23:00 // 25€ // Stattbad Wedding // Gerichtstr. 65  // Facebook // CTM.13 x PURGE x #gHashtag websites


11FEB12: PURGE III feat. Hecq + Goner + circlePURGE w/ Sameheads + Nukk Nukk @ Raum

February 11, 2012 // RAUM //  Ziegrastr. 15, 12057 Berlin
Sameheads invites … PURGE + Nukk Nukk
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Berlin’s most aggressive dance party returns heavier than ever to bring you bass, noise and terror. Vol. III of PURGE takes place at Raum, an industrial space with 3 dance floors which will be closing after this party! Spread across this space will be us, Sameheads, who most generously invited us to join in the fun, and Nukk Nukk.


PURGERagestep, black acid and trance-inducing drones. We are Deathrave.Our guests for this edition are HECQ, whose crushing bass makes us explode.and the searing sounds of Goner, 1/2 of the spastic Ritalin Wardance.

Joining them will be the CirclePURGE DJs you know and love!
BlackBlackGold [Purge / Gucci Goth]
Tom Ass [Purge / Gegen]
xorzyzt [Purge / BL4CK M4GICK]
dieLamb (VJ) [PURGE]



Weirdo italo disco done like no other! These boys bring together two legends of the electronic underpass in the shape of Dj Peak Nick and Eric D Clark, who will do their best to keep dsb and Emil Doesn´t Drive at bay.

Dj Peak Nick [Plastic Club / Milan]

Eric D Clark [Subcurrent / Firm]

Emil Doesn´t Drive [The Zone / Sameheads]

dsb [Sameheads]



Irregular sounds and acidik brute bleep from one of our favorite parties, joining us to create a box of aural pain. It’s punk dragged through a grinder and injected with fire, and features Bintus, J R Seaton, Jenne Grabowski and a Mystery Mensch!

Very Special International Guest

Bintus [Power Vacuum]

J R Seaton [Call Super]

Jenne Grabowski [Just Breathe]

***** FOR REDUCED PRICE ENTRY PLEASE EMAIL YOUR FULL NAME TO guestlist@sameheads.com BY 18h ON 11/2 ******

JOIN US. This is going to be MASSIVE.


BL4CK M4G1CK + PURGE present

The rite is yours // Step into the ring // Feel the fire fill your soul.

(dread audio alchemist supreme // Aurora Borealis, USA)

(DMT occvlt noise // Jonny Teardrop + grayl & xorzyzt of reliq)

Opium Hum (≠)
decent (O tannenbaum)
BlackBlackGold (GucciGoth, PURGE)

Ritual Space created by Viviana Druga & xorzyzt

18.11.11 // 22:00 // Chez Jacki

FB event